News about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Clinical Clues for Early Diagnosis

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Consensus Guidelines for Diagnosis, Management and Surveillance of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
(Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance)

Recent Articles about the Sahin Laboratory

Everolimus for treatment of tuberous sclerosis complex-associated neuropsychiatric disorders

(Recent publication from the RAD001 Neurocognition Trial)


Researchers identify new cause of brain defects in tuberous sclerosis patients

(Medical Xpress)

Human Neuron Core to Scale Up Neuroscience

(Vector - Boston Children's Hospital) 

Cure SMA Awards Grant to Mustafa Sahin
(Cure SMA) 

Autism's Unexpected Link to Cancer Gene
(New York Times)

Brain Network Analysis Furthers Understanding of Autsim
(Autism Speaks - Science)

Could “network” analysis of the brain explain autism’s features?
(Vector - Boston Children's Hospital) 

Notable Papers of 2012
(Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative News)

Trials for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
(Translational Research Program Newsletter)

Cognition and behavior: Connectivity link autism, TSC
(Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative News)

Tuberous Sclerosis gene loss triggers autism-like features 
(Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative News)

Insights for Autism from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
(Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative News)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Helping nerve fibers find their way
(Boston Children's Hospital Vector)

One Gene, One Drug Affect Autism Behaviors in Mouse Model
(Autism Speaks)

Brain connectivity and TSC
(Boston Children's Hospital)

Tuberous sclerosis linked to brain cell migration
(Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative News)

Can drugs improve cognitive deficits in developmental disorders?
(Boston Children's Hospital News Room)

 Children's Hospital Top Ten for 2010 in Science and Innovation
(Boston Children's Hospital News Room)

Research Articles from the Sahin Laboratory

Big Cells in “Little Brain” may be Involved with Autism
(National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)

Autistic-like behavior and cerebellar dysfunction in Purkinje cell Tsc1 mutant mice
(National Insitute for Health)

Charting Autism's Neural Circuits
(Harvard Medical School)