Genetic Testing in Children with Neurological Disorders

Coordinating Resources for Patients and Families with Rare and Complex Disorders

Informed consent for genetic testing

Informative video about managing seizures in children 
Click on "For School Issues" - numerous excellent publications to share with your child's teachers
State resource sheets provide all special needs organizations in the state - helpful contact information which is kept up to date.
Massachusetts Department of Education has a lot of information for parents about the special education process as well as parent's rights.  Other states have similar sites.
Federation for Children with Special Needs.  Massachusetts parent advocacy and information group.
Lists all of the educational advocates and special needs lawyers in MA.
Provides great resources and suggestions including apps for children with autism.
Disability Law Center.  They will provide low cost or free legal advice for children with special needs.
Provides excellent information about learning disabilities and how to support a child with learning differences.
The world's leading resource on learning disabilities.
A list of exceptional twitter accounts covering special needs.